Mission and Statement of Principles

The Tea Party Caucus is issue-based in nature, promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government and a strict adherence to the Constitution. The Tea Party movement is synonymous with these principles, and members of the Tea Party Caucus are working in Congress to apply and advance them.

The Tea Party Caucus serves as a means for Americans to express their views to Members of Congress. The Tea Party Caucus is not a mouthpiece of the Tea Party. More importantly, it is not leading the Tea Party. Rather, the Tea Party Caucus exists to listen to hard working Americans concerned about the future of this great nation.

We, as members of the Tea Party Caucus, believe:

…that the American people are taxed enough already

…that our Founding Fathers established a Republic of laws, and no elected official is above the law

…that the American people, not the government, are the best creators of wealth and employment

…that the government should spend less money than it takes in

...that government must uphold the Constitution it swore to defend.